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Crane Operators Medical Assessment

Crane Operator Medical Assessments

Crane Operator medicals from £45, an assessment that all drivers must pass before being granted their license.

What is a Crane Operator medical?

A crane operator medical, often referred to as a crane operator medical assessment, is a specialised medical examination designed to assess the health and fitness of individuals who operate cranes or similar heavy machinery. The purpose of this medical assessment is to ensure that crane operators are physically and mentally capable of performing their job safely and effectively, as crane operation is a critical and potentially hazardous occupation.

What’s involved in my medical?

  1. Physical Examination:
    A comprehensive physical examination is conducted to evaluate the overall health of the crane operator. This may include assessing vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and general physical fitness.


  2. Vision Assessment:
    Vision is a crucial aspect of safe crane operation. The examination often includes assessing visual acuity, depth perception, and peripheral vision to ensure that the operator has adequate vision for the job.


  3. Hearing Assessment:
    Good hearing is essential for crane operators to respond to auditory signals and communicate effectively with colleagues on the worksite. Hearing tests may be conducted to evaluate hearing acuity.


  4. Musculoskeletal Examination:
    The musculoskeletal system is assessed to ensure that the operator has the physical strength and mobility required to handle the controls and perform the duties of a crane operator.


  5. Mental Health Evaluation:
    Crane operators need to be mentally alert and capable of making quick, safe decisions. The assessment may include an evaluation of mental health and cognitive function.


  6. Review of Medical History:
    The medical practitioner conducting the assessment will review the operator's medical history, including any previous injuries, surgeries, or medical conditions that may impact their ability to operate a crane safely.


  7. Medication Review:
    If the operator is taking any medications, the examiner may review them to determine if they have side effects that could affect job performance.

What medical conditions could affect my application?

Successfully passing your medical examination involves a careful consideration of various medical factors that could potentially impact your ability to drive safely. Your appointed GP will carefully evaluate each of these factors. The good news is that the most frequent causes of non-compliance can often be easily resolved. 


For instance, it's not uncommon for drivers to encounter difficulties during their vision assessment due to an inadequate or outdated prescription for corrective lenses. In such instances, we strongly recommend a pre-appointment visit to an optician to ensure your vision meets the necessary standards.

Similarly, elevated blood pressure readings can sometimes be attributed to stress, hurrying to the appointment, or underlying health conditions. For individuals who do not pass due to high blood pressure, we extend a complimentary re-test opportunity, allowing you to address and manage this concern.


While some medical conditions may be more serious and potentially create hurdles to passing the medical examination, effective management can often mitigate even the most severe conditions as barriers to obtaining or renewing your license. The surest way to determine your eligibility is through a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified medical professional.

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What your required to bring to your medical assessment

Photographic ID

Current UK Drivers License
Current UK Passport

Prescriptions/ Glasses

Any Prescriptions
Glasses (reading and distance)

Medical Records and 
Current Medication

Full Medical Summary
Current Medications

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Approved Medical Provider

As an approved provider to numerous local authorities across the Northwest and holding multiple commercial contracts with councils, Medicals Northwest is committed to delivering a high-quality service. With locations in over 10 areas, we’ve established a strong reputation for excellence in both quality and customer service. When you book your taxi medical with us, you can rest assured that you’re working with an experienced and reputable provider.

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