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Last updated 22/09/2023. 

Who can complete a DVLA Driver Medical?

Any doctor who holds full registration with the GMC (General Medical Council) and is licensed to practice medicine in the UK can complete the DVLA D4 Driver Medical.

Where can I get a DVLA D4 driver Medical form from?

We advise to bring your own copy to your appointment, you can download a copy of the the D4 medical form here.

Will the doctor help me complete the D2 or D47P form?

Whilst the doctor completes the D4 medical for you, to reduce the costs you will need to complete the D2 form yourself. For more information on how to complete your D2 or D47P form please visit the GOV website.

What happens during a driver medical assessment?

The doctor will examine you in accordance with the requirements of the relevant D4 Medical Form.

During the medical our Doctor will:

  1. Complete an eye test (if you wear glasses/ contact lenses, one test without and one test whilst you’re wearing them)

  2. Record your blood pressure

  3. Take note of any medication you’re currently taking

  4. Ask about your previous medical history


Note: Urine sample may be required to test for diabetes.

After the medical assessment, you are required to sign the back page to confirm you have given the correct information to the Assessor and all the information in the form is fully completed and correct. If there are mistakes or omissions the form is returned to you by DVLA who deem this the driver’s responsibility.
You must post the completed form to the DVLA for them to review and make a decision based on fitness, they will either accept your application or reject it and explain why.

How long does a medical take?

Approximately 15 minutes but this can vary if you have a complicated medical history.

Does the D4 Medical include an eye test?

Yes. You will be asked to complete the test with and without your glasses/contact lenses. Please bring a container to place your lenses in if you wear contact lenses.

Is there anything that I need to bring to my appointment?

You should bring the following items for your driver medical assessment:

  1. D4 Medical form/ taxi medical form (or form relating to the medical you have booked)

  2. Driving licence (or passport if your licence is currently with DVLA or lost)

  3. Your glasses and optical prescription (contact lenses must be removed for the ‘uncorrected vision’ eye test)

  4. List of all your current medication with the doses and the date you began taking them

  5. Any hospital letters or details of hospital consultants who are treating you


Note: Urine samples may be required to test for diabetes


Can I have a receipt for my accountant or employer?

Yes. You will receive an email with a receipt alongside your appointment confirmation email. 

How long is the D4 medical valid for?

DVLA D4 medical form is valid for 4 months from the date of the doctor’s signature, so you must send the paperwork in to DVLA within 4 months of your medical for it to be reviewed. 

If this is your first application, when you receive your licence back from DVLA with the additional provisional categories,these are available to view online and will not show on your physical photocard driving licence.

Which areas do you offer clinics?

Currently we only offer clinics in the Northwest of England. 

Will I need to bring my medical summary from my GP?

For taxi drivers, certain councils require a medical summary to be seen by the doctor. Please consult the medical form and ensure the form can be completed by any registered doctor before booking. If unsure, please give us a call on 0161 706 2229 or email at and we will be happy to assist.

As of September 2021, you must bring your medical summary for the following councils: Blackburn, Burnley, Cheshire West & Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, North Warwickshire, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Sefton, Shropshire, St Helen’s, Stockport, Trafford, and Walsall.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must provide us with at least 24hrs notice. Deposit is non-refundable unless the cancellation has been made by Medicals Northwest.

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