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Best Councils in the Northwest for Taxi Private Hire


Choosing the right council for taxi private hire is a crucial decision for drivers looking to establish a successful career in the Northwest. Different councils have varying regulations, licensing procedures, and opportunities for taxi and private hire drivers. In this article, we'll explore a curated list of the best councils in the Northwest, offering favourable conditions for those seeking to thrive in the taxi private hire industry.

1. Manchester City Council:

Manchester is a bustling metropolis with a high demand for taxi services. The City Council has a well-established licensing system and provides opportunities for drivers to cater to the diverse needs of the urban population. Recently, they have changed the taxi application process and made it easier for drivers to obtain a badge.

2. Liverpool City Council:

Liverpool, with its rich cultural heritage, offers excellent prospects for taxi and private hire drivers. The City Council is known for its supportive approach, ensuring fair regulations and a steady stream of passengers.

3. Oldham Borough Council:

Oldham Borough Council provides a favourable environment for taxi private hire drivers. The council's commitment to ensuring passenger safety and driver welfare makes it an attractive option. Oldham council have also made their application process easier and drivers can benefit from driving across multiple bases with the same badge i.e. Uber, Bolt, Private Hire.

4. Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council:

Knowsley Council, covering areas like Huyton and Kirkby, offers a streamlined licensing process for taxi private hire. The council's focus on maintaining high service standards benefits both drivers and passengers.

5. Warrington Borough Council:

Warrington, strategically located between Manchester and Liverpool, is an advantageous area for taxi and private hire drivers. Warrington Borough Council's licensing system supports drivers in serving both local and regional transport needs.

6. Salford City Council:

Adjacent to Manchester, Salford City Council provides ample opportunities for taxi and private hire services. The council's commitment to ensuring fair competition and passenger safety contributes to a positive working environment.

7. Rochdale Borough Council:

Rochdale, part of Greater Manchester, has a growing demand for taxi and private hire services. Rochdale Borough Council's commitment to maintaining industry standards ensures a stable and secure environment for drivers.

Choosing the Right Council:

When considering which council to operate under for taxi private hire, drivers should take into account:

  • Licensing Procedures: Look for councils with clear and straightforward licensing procedures.

  • Fair Regulations: Assess the fairness of regulations and licensing fees imposed by the council.

  • Passenger Demand: Consider the demand for taxi services in the area and the potential for a steady flow of passengers.

  • Supportive Environment: Opt for councils that actively support drivers' well-being and safety.

Medical Assessment with Medicals Northwest:

For the medical assessment component, consider partnering with Medicals Northwest, approved by your local council. We specialise in providing comprehensive and affordable taxi driver medical assessments. Our experienced medical professionals will ensure you meet the health criteria set by your chosen council.

Selecting the right council for taxi private hire is a pivotal decision for drivers in the Northwest. Each council mentioned offers unique advantages, from high passenger demand to supportive licensing procedures. It's essential for drivers to research and choose a council that aligns with their goals and provides a conducive environment for a successful taxi private hire career.


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